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a mobile coffee experience coming soon

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what is our why?

Brewing Real D.R.I.P.

In Little Rock, only 1 out of 2 Black households are able to seek and sustain a thriving life defined by economic wholeness. Between disinvestment and lack of resources in Black communities, many of Little Rock's hardest workers are faced with grim choices for survival and little room to dream.

*WellBrewed Coffee Co will change that.*

Our plan is to start a Black-owned, mobile coffee company.

But, more importantly, our purpose is to do coffee with consciousness by driving resources and investments to people in the places that have been historically overlooked and trapped by economic inequities. That's right. A portion of the proceeds from our coffee sales will be dedicated to Black leaders and entrepreneurs committed to social change. That's why our tagline is "Brewing real D.R.I.P." Because we are re-defining the concept of drip as a movement with and for the betterment of Black lives and communities.

Meet Jeremy & Shantell

who are we?

Jeremy is most in his element when he is being innovative - finding ways to both honor the richest traditions of history and infuse new ideas inclusive of the next generation. Jeremy is a planner, a reconciler, and an advocate.  Jeremy embodies service as a strategic, detail-oriented, and organized leader with a gift for executing tasks with a spirit of excellence and professionalism.


Shantell is a dreamer, an inquisitor, and a motivator. She thrives most when she is imagining and implementing multivalent tools for community. Shantell embodies service through altruism and integration. She is a good listener, teacher, and facilitator with a gift for creating interactive resources for conversation and educational enrichment.

Together. We are healers. We are truth-tellers. We are lovers of God and people. We are invigorated by imagining what it means to engage the triune requirements of God - that is, to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God (Micah 6.8). We embody service through deliberately connecting our faith to social justice.

And, of course, we are coffee lovers too.

Follow Our Journey 

how will we get there?

To operationalize our mobile coffee experience, we fundraised to purchase the following:


  • A trailer, which will serve as the foundation for our mobile operation

  • Coffee equipment, such as an espresso machine, grinder, etc.

  • Coffee truck retrofitting/building the mobile operation

  • Cups, supplies & permits

Now, we are in the final stretch! Our trailer is here, we have our supplies and equipment, and are awaiting our city/state inspections! We hope to be serving you a warm and WellBrewed cup of coffee later this summer (September 2021)! Make sure and follow us on our socials to get real-time updates about our opening and whereabouts!

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Rise. Grind. Shine.

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